"Jaran Kepang" Traditional Dance That Full of Mistery

Ya...maybe you never heard this before, and here i try to introduce one of indonesian culture that call "Jaran Kepang."

Jaran Kepang is also call Kuda Lumping or Jatahilan, It's a javanese traditional dance  that show soldiers that ridding a horse. this dance using a horse that made from plaited bamboo. This plaited  be decorate by paint and cloths in various colors. When perform the player of Jaran Kepang usually discribing about Raden Patah hassle, but some times they show unusual behaviour in the dance.

This is the unusual behavioure that caused by possessed (by a spirit).

Eating Glass

Eating Ember

Eating Grass Just Like a Horse

Eating Fire...Woops this is Horrible.

I would like to say sorry because  i can't show the whole process of the dance, i afraid it's too horrible for you.

Ok next..

There are 4 fragment in every show. 2 times for Buto Lawas dance, and the other 2 fragment is for Santerewe, and Begon Putri Dance. Buto lawas fragment played by male that consist from 4 until 6 player.  Several young player come inside with their bamboo's horse and start to dance by following the music.

After Buto lawas, the show continue with girl who come inside, and performing senterewe dance.

The show closed by Begon Putri Dance that played by 6 girl with slower move. 

The History
Lika the myth said, Jaran Kepang dance is form for some appreciation and backing from people to Horse rider of Pangeran Dipenogoro in face Dutch as colonizer. the other version said, that this dance discribing a story of Raden Patah Hassle, that got help from Sunan Kalijaga, against colonizer.


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