Bangka Belitung Islands

Located in Karimata Strait, Banka Belitung is a province of indonesia that include two mean islands. Bangka Belitung Island offers you a beautiful places to visit. not only the beauty of nature, Bangka Belitung Island has some historical stories that you can reveal from the inside it.  Bangka Belitung is part of the regional ecosystem in the archipelago of Indonesia and also affords excellent scuba-diving, snorkelling, good fishing and sailing in open waters. The name Bangka is derived from the word wangka, which means tin. This word was also written in a Sriwijaya stone inscription dated 686AD and discovered near the town of Kota Kapur in West Bangka. 

In these small Island, some movies has been taken. one of theme is "Laskar Pelangi". It's talking about people's life when developmental educations was unreachable. By this film, the unknown islands become famous. Local and International Traveller come to explore this Islands.

Langkuas Island and The House Light

Bangka Belitung Beach

Matras and Parai Tenggiri Beaches
Matras and Parai Tenggiri Beaches in the northeast of Bangka, 48 km. from Pangkal Pinang and 12 km from Sungai Liat. The beach is about 3 kilometres long and its width is almost 30 metres. Parai, a beach set between rocky capes is an ideal location for relaxing and swimming. Local fishermen moor their vessels here after a day of fishing, giving the beach the picturesque feel of a fishing village.

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Remodong Beach
Remodong Beach in North Bangka is a favourite place to enjoy the sunset as the beach faces the west. Tourist facilities are also available on this beach.

Now, Muntok is not the only harbor of the island anymore, since other harbours had been constructed for the benefit of the economic growth. One of them is serving Jet-foil connection to Belitung island. Access by air was – then, only once a week. Presently it has been growing to twice a day served by two different airlines from Jakarta, Palembang (South Sumatera), Tanjung Pandan of Belitung (the neighboring island) and Batam.


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